MIDWAY: Regard for others

I know that I am free of bias when there is ‘a regard for others’. This is to say that an innate feeling for others should be the in thing to have. It implies in a broad sense an attitude that makes allowances for a person’s faults.

This regard means that one has high esteem for fellow beings and does not falls into a momentary lapse. Such a state of affairs leads to a favourable outcome. No back-stabbing when this happens ensuring that one is at peace with kindred relationships.

The governing influence here bespeaks a tendency towards reconciliation. There is no selfish motive but a move towards garnering goodwill. No bickering about when there are such mellow sentiments. Because there is no need to force oneself to like others when the natural thing is compliance.

Having a regard for others means the end of animosity and the beginning of a newfound relationship. It can also lead to a release from negative thoughts. This can create a condition to work for a common cause.

It can propel one to hold others in high regard and create rapport among different people. A possibility that can come about in a spontaneous manner without even having to set about it. A fresh impetus to a sense of accomplishment. Coming as it does on the heels of looking at things from a broader perspective. When there is no ill-will a change for the better is inevitable. This is manifested in benevolence and tolerance even when these are not called for. It also engenders ennobling thoughts where before there was none to speak of.

Given this scenario it may not be too much to work for the betterment of neighbours, acquaintances and colleagues.

The need of the moment is to regard others in a different and more positive light. Only then will this create an atmosphere free from prejudice and half-baked notions. One that has the welfare of others at heart, lead to a breakdown of stereotyped beliefs.

When one is at peace with others then and only then will there be a common platform of endeavour. One designed to break free from bitter memories of yesteryears. Regarding kith and kin without rancour is the only way out to build trust, friendship and confidence.