MIDWAY: Reinforcing an image

Reinforcing an image is to keep emphasising self perception whether it be good, bad or plain ugly. This in turn leads one to acknowledge one’s strong points and do something about the weaknesses without going overboard. Every person has some goodness in him which manifests at times. Thus being a charitable philanthropist is in his favour — contributing to charity and trust as he deems fit; he hands over his assets to a noble cause. His position in society is assured — one to make him proud.

Likewise, an individual could be bad in the sense that he is mean, vicious and footloose, mouthing abusive language at every opportunity. Being selfish to the point of ego-centric nothing else matters as far as he is concerned. There is simply nothing he will not do to protect his interests, and so he adopts a servile attitude. A plain ugly person is characterised by daunting others. The person may have pockmarks or scars which cannot be hidden and which mar his facial features. He makes every effort to hide beneath an outward demeanour.

At times he becomes frustrated because the mask which he wears is a pretension.

The images of oneself form the basis of every action and response to experiences. These may make him a bit squeamish at first but he becomes used to it. A brief review of his characteristics is all too revealing and shows him for what he is — a dude, charlatan or worse.

Earmarking a person in just one or two words can hardly be descriptive. It could take a whole chapter just to sum up his traits.

His character is a complex mix of personalities. And then there are other variables which could influence his choices.

Summing up an image takes some doing as this will determine to an extent his qualities and what drives him to perform. In the process, something is always lost. Nonetheless, it is incumbent upon the self to reinforce an image and not be distracted.

A person’s image of self can express itself in his behaviour, mannerism and manifestation without regard to other underlying attribute. This summing up of his character, personality and trait can only do full justice after an in-depth study and not at first hand observation.