MIDWAY: Seeking assistance

Seeking assistance can take the form of a verbal plea or a written request to cope with a crisis or deal with a problem. So that there is no doubt as to the intention of the sender. This evokes a response on the part of the benefactor who may be only too keen to assist. It must be assumed that the communication to this effect fosters a bit of sympathy and kindles fellow feeling so that the receiver is compelled to act. And there is no recourse other than to give in graciously. The one who sends the short and cryptic message could be in dire straits, so if the entreaty does not fall on deaf ears one is assured of timely intervention.

When one finds oneself in a situation with no solution in sight then it is natural enough to ask for help which may restore sanity and give a purpose.

The complexity and nature of the crisis or problem could mean that there is no option but to cry out for relief. If this is forthcoming then nothing stands in the way of getting it. But the plight must be genuine and real.

One has to look to the support system in place which could provide succour so that there is a distinct possibility of this happening. The situation could deliver a coup de grace and serve as an excuse to the entity to give in. Only then will the coping mechanism manifest itself as something concrete.

Sending out a message that is clear and unambiguous should be the norm, which means every option has been exhausted before seeking help. Taking into consideration anything that might be in one’s favour should be the thing done. One has to be alert to any overture and not mistake it for a show of emotion.

When assistance is sought in all earnestness it brings forth a response. This could be specific and aimed at bringing a resolution. Whereupon one can avail of the opportunity provided. This kindles hope where there was none in the first place.

The message is clear for it is directly related to an understanding of the heart of the matter and all that it entails. Considering that the feedback could prove to be just what one needs. Falling upon one’s resources can allow one to judge or evaluate the crisis or problem at hand so that it is brought to a solution.