Seizing an initiative is to strike forth in a bold and forthright manner to make the most of a situation. While this may sound easy it is not so as it takes a cool mind, plenty of guts and a positive attitude. But the completion of the act itself comes as a relief. To act on the spur of the moment requires forethought and courage, because no one knows how the situation will develop, if at all. This is the uncertainty involved.

If it remains stagnant it will only accumulate ill will and hostility but provides a change if it comes to a definite conclusion. This is where the initiative takes advantage of any breaks afforded.

Taking the bull by the horns describes one who makes the most of a moment, thereby initiating changes that have a far-reaching impact. While this is risky behaviour, it, nonetheless, is a way out for those who will not be deterred. The very thought may send shivers down the spine of the weaklings but is a stimulus to those who dare.

Once one embarks upon a course, there is no looking back and only the foolhardy hesitate to take the plunge. The first few moments come as a shock but soon enough it wears off — any effect engendered leaves a warm afterglow and tingling sensation.

Passing the acid test is what counts in the long run in order to measure up. It requires a lot of determination and stamina so that everything works out fair and square. There is no backing from a situation that has to be handled with skill and savvy.

In this quest, trying to outdo oneself may be a bit tricky but it pays off. The results will speak for themselves in a way that is unexpected and without prior knowledge. No one can foresee the end or how it will turn out so that it becomes a waiting game. The initial surge having worn out to be replaced by a bemused expression. The first response does not seem so dramatic and willed in the long run.

One can comply with the exigency of the moment if one so chooses. The act was compelled by a chain of events. Only then will one rid oneself of any disquiet or guilt feelings.

Because no one is cocksure how the initiative taken will bear out, one can only wait and watch for the scenario to unfold.