MIDWAY : Shaving off the stubble

Uday Lama

I shave every alternate day but do not use any fancy stuff. Just plain, ordinary water to wet the bristles and moisten the skin so that the blade can do its work. Even though being careful helps sometimes I nick myself in all the wrong places and have to apply an antiseptic daubed in cotton. Indeed shaving is a task as every male will testify. Being clean shaven identifies one who is a metrosexual in every sense of the word. This word has cropped up everywhere — in polite circles, in boutiques and parlours. This does not apply to a vainglorious person but one who likes to pamper the self in a bid to appear attractive. The long and short of it is that it appeases the other side which is considered effeminate.

In a sense it means being upbeat with not too much elan or self-serving interest. Thus its appeal to all those who would like a facial and tone up the skin so that it glows. Usually shaving off means lathering with a fine brush before applying the blade. But now this is not enough as there are a number of cosmetics available in the market. Gone are the days when growing a stubble was considered a mark of masculinity. Now a quick visit to the nearest barber’s shop seems to be the thing to do. There is a tendency to settle back in the chair and let oneself ministered under expert hands. The modern male can be excused for not being hirsute but reek of an after shave lotion. This gives a shine to the face while keeping it moistened for some time. A little attention to what is a visible part of the person. A smooth cheek and jowl works wonder and serve to make an impression where it matters most. Not to do so would be to give a wrong idea and pass on the wrong message, because so much is at stake.

Being with it means maintaining a high profile and getting connected. So here is where caring for self takes priority if one is not to demean oneself in the eyes of the others. Assuming this is not the case it allows for a margin of safety without intruding into private space. Taking oneself to task as far as looks go goes a long way in maintaining an appearance. This is not to say being a show-off but staying within limits. All it takes is an interval of time before a difference is made allowing for a confident, brazen image. Where self is concerned it’s important to appear at ones’ best. The aura one carries goes everywhere – be it in the workplace, at home or in a restaurant. And is the mark of a decent, outgoing person. One who cares about what the rest of the crowd accepts as the norm.