MIDWAY: Shopping breeze

Incurring an expense’ is to splurge on an object of desire be it in a gift shop, shopping mall or departmental store. And then only will one realize the enormity of one’s action. But goods once bought cannot be returned or refunded, because that is generally the policy.

This is the only downside of a purchase after a payment. This is not daylight robbery but business with profit in mind.

So there are no two ways of going about what is a shopping spree. Once a decision has been made one must act, and there is no looking back.

Giving into an impulse of the moment exacts its toll because it is something rash. Trying to be upbeat comes with a package. More so when there are so many eye-catching goodies to be hauled off in double quick time and up for grabs. Coming as this does after agonizing over the items can make one’s day.

The attendant may be looking on in awe at the frenzy. And in a bid to sell more can come up with an offer that one can’t turn a blind eye to.

But this can backfire if one is not in the mood to spend money. Buying can then take the form

of a dismal affair if there are no takers — a deal to complete the transaction with a clear winner.

Any buyer can be persuaded into paying a fixed amount for a stuff. This means trying to acquire its possession without going overboard — with any eye out for fitting it into the budget. And getting into the thick of things may last long after the euphoria.

It’s still possible to spend without falling into debt or relying upon one’s credit card. The recourse is to negotiate the price until it falls within one’s range of estimate. This could mean delivering the sucker punch to the attendant in question. If this does not happen then one can raise the issue and call for the manager who may only be too glad to assist.

Shopping then takes off because the matter has been cleared without losing one’s temper.

A cool temperament can deliver the coup de’ grace, since it is an exercise in control with a disciplined approach. Once the affair is over then it’s time to check out of the premise and head home.