MIDWAY: Taking charge

Taking charge of oneself or of any particular situation calls for control and efficient handling. It also takes understanding and more than a token gesture. When one is in the process of handling self, a certain amount of knowledge is required for its fruition into concrete actions. Nothing else will do to come to terms with self. But proper evaluation will bring about a sea change. The need here is to contemplate so that the pieces fit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Whereas taking stock of a situation requires basic information. Since a first-hand observation may not be enough in this connection. Oftentimes this will only give a false impression so that it’s better to be patient. Given that one has to evaluate it before forging ahead. When one is in dire straits the need is to assume that things will turn out as planned.

This is an attitude that is proactive and may be nurtured as it meets with approval. But it means being able to sustain it and not browbeat it into submission. This calls for self-analysis and introspection. Therefore, one has to look within in order to engender hope, faith and generate new ideas.

The situation may be in a state of flux so that it requires tact and diplomacy. If more than one party is involved it’s a good thing to embrace differing opinions. Every effort must be made to provide a clear and complete picture of the evolving situation.

Here it must be noted that it takes energy and presence of mind. It’s important to bear with what is happening if one is to get an idea of its progressive nature. Overdoing it can only backfire and do more harm than good. So in all good faith one’s stance could provide an insight. And it’s possible to realise its import.

Making do with what is at hand means trying to get a perspective about the context provided it gels into a concrete picture and a series of images. Otherwise it will end in a lot of unwanted fanfare and gaffe.

After gaining control of self or a particular situation, one can come to a conclusion on the assumption that everything will turn out as expected after the initial euphoria is over. The drive and enthusiasm involved in the process can result in changes being made as and when necessary.