Rajdeep Bomjan:

I am not sure whether it’s me being too laid-back or everyone around speeding by, but what I feel is people around me have become more desperate as we speak. Being desperate and frantically seeking money or fame or power or a mate. People get politically inclined so they could one day herd a bunch of people, bunch of freaking idiots basically. I don’t see any point in trying this myself, unless I’m a megalomaniac.

Finding a mate has now become analogous to getting a fashion accessory more than anything else. You may get to hear excuses like not wanting to be lone or something like falling in love at first sight, or something even weird as making the future more secure; being with someone has more chances of making your future insecure, if you ask me.

So the name of the game is to hook up with someone or anyone, from the sublime to the moron, and even if it’s just for the sake of it, so be it. Moreover, life is too busy to even mark the infidelities or you should think you’ve become more forgiving when you try and unmark those occasions that you know of.

When I see them in the streets acting as lovers, I feel like puking. I hardly see people who are together because they want to be together with each other and not just because they couldn’t charm someone superior whom they would’ve liked to. Instead, they abide by some pact made by someone else about their lives, so most of the times they’re just faking it.

I see boys being desperate for more “toys” — the new age gadgets — and girls drooling over boys whom they see with more of these toys. Girls are desperate when they want to broadcast themselves how the boys would want, being fair or lean or well made over; wits could take a back seat. Boys call them beautiful, I call them plastic.

Craving for more money or opulence is not injurious, but being desperate to do so is. If you want to live in a bigger house or pay money for a trendier automobile or save some more gold for yourself or anything, you’re being natural, and turning into a sadist, because you want all of it to be and then make you’re peers to spot all of it.

I read somewhere, human beings are inquisitive, I agreed. But the mind is almost always wanting to converge its array of knowledge. So, I can’t deny the fact that the more I learn, the more I realise that the less I know. Apart from when I get to see a little infant smiling or when I visit some mental sanctuary, I don’t think I could see many more real things or meet more real people.