MIDWAY: What will happen today?

Today, May 28, 2008, a historic day when the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly is scheduled to take place, has the Hutashanyoga (inauspicious and likely to cause fire), hence there is a probability of fires being set, use of explosives and gunfire. Ascendant lord Mercury in 12th house indicates the ruling heads, like the King and the prime minister, refraining from staying in their residence.

The Sun in the 12th house is indicative of bodily harm, departure and salvation for the top post holders. The combination of Sun, Mercury and Venus indicates foreign trip or putting up far from residence. The Venus in Taurus in the 12th house is yogakaraka, indicative of satisfactory departure, expense or salvation but the position of Venus being combust is indicative of shyness in show of good behaviour. All in all, Venus is indicative of mixed, bits-and-pieces effect.

Mars being in the second house indicates losses or extra expenses to the national treasury, failure in communication activities and, to some extent, in inter-personal relations.

Saturn in the 3rd house indicates happiness, strength, prowess and friendship, but at the same time Saturn transiting in Leo, its enemy house, may result in less than satisfactory outcome. Saturn is an airy planet, while the Sun is fiery. Their collective effect indicates fire hazards or random incidents with explosives.

Jupiter, during the day, is in the 7th house, hints at respect for the royalty, Jupiter in Sagittarius in central house is yogakaraka or likely to produce good results. The ascendant Jupiter offers both the King and the prime minister good safeguards. The aspect of Jupiter in the 11th house is indicative of enhancement of national income, gentlemanly agreement and proper use of power.

The Moon in the 9th house points towards Rajbhaya or public fear. The Moon in the Saturn’s house indicates depression, delay, suspicion among legislators in the new Constituent

Assembly, although they might personally feel very happy. At the same time, the aspect of Saturn in the 9th house indicates negativities among the legislators.

This is what the stars say. The rest is up to you, sabhasads.