MIDWAY : Why this difference?

Do we spit in own bedroom or kitchen? No, not at all, but why do we not hesitate to do the same on the street? Do we throw our garbage in our garden/lawn? Nope, so why throw it on the street and not garbage can? Do we break the furniture, kitchenware or other apparatus in our home when we are unhappy?

No, so why ransack government buildings and furniture, when not satisfied with government decisions? Do we cut up seat covers of our motorbike or car? No, why then do we tear those of public transport? When we have argument with the family members, do we tell neighbours about it and ask for help? No, then why when there is dispute within us at national level, we seek neighbours’ help all the time?

Do we expect others to build our home, donate something for us? Not at all, then why expect someone to build for us? Do we give our water which irrigate our lands to others? Not at all, then why give our water to others free of cost? Do we steal anything from our own property? Nope again, then why do we steal trees from forest and smuggle them?

Do doctors treat their relatives as other patients? Not at all, then why do they behave different? Do parents treat their children differently? Then why our leaders, bureaucrats behave differently to other party, ethnic groups? Do we fight when mother is serving food? Why then fight with each other when Mother Nepal is serving everything?

We know all the answers, but why haven’t we internalised them? Because we don’t love and respect our country and fellow countrymen? We all are good people, otherwise we would have spit in the kitchen, dumped our garbage in the living room, destroyed the seats of own car, told neighbours to handle our internal matters, disrespected parents and seniors, vandalised our own houses, stole our own furniture and sold them, differentiated between children.

Nepal is our home and fellow countrymen our parents, brothers, sisters and friends. Like our own home and family, Nepal is our abode where we live together as an extended family. With a bit of dedication towards our country, it will be like our own efficient, clean home — and always in good order.