MIDWAY: Window view

Whenever I get spare time I do not sit in front of the idiot box; instead, I pull my chair towards the window and scrutinise the affairs occurring around me. I like to watch the actors performing live in this theatre of the world. I go to the window as it is a tremendous source of inspiration. I’ve gained tremendous insight into other people’s lives and human behaviour.

This reminds me of Madhav Ghimire’s famous poem ‘Santan thari thari ka’ — children of the same mother yet so different in most aspects. One of her sons zooms past in an expensive vehicle while the other walks with a begging bowl. This is one of the realities of life which I get to experience from my window. Seeing the true colours of life, one of my friends has even become sentimental and developed hatred towards the growing culture of indifference and apathy.

This window provides a variety of views. “No job no problem.” Just hang around anywhere — near a college or at the roadside teashop. The VCD renting shop is another favourite spot among the youth. They form a group here and whistle and pass nasty comments on beautiful college girls who happen to be on their way. Some of these girls, who are used to this kind of situation, simply smile and walk away. But the others, who are unable to digest the humiliation, curse these rowdies.

Another actor on this stage is a lover. I am not talking about romantic lovers like Romeo and Juliet. This is a lover of a different sort. He’s my neighbour who has a passion for bikes. You might think that he owns a variety of models. In fact, he has only one bike which is three or four years old. The admiration for his bike is so great that I am unable to ignore it.

He cleans his bike religiously. Before leaving for office, he wipes it for more than ten minutes. His exasperated daughter waits for him to be transported to school and gets late.

After returning from office he wipes it once again. Even on rainy days he doesn’t fail to shine his bike knowing full well the repercussions of being on our miserable roads. These theatrics make me laugh at my own idiosyncrasies. I realise that this world is a stage and I am also one of the actors.