A couple of years ago I had my classes at 6:30 in the morning. Either the time was not suitable for me or I could not adjust to the timings. As a result, I always used to be late for college and was considered as one of the most-renowned latecomers. The days of my struggle to run according to the time were a matter of fun. I still laugh at my follies committed in those days. Most of the time my first period used to be the second one of my classmate. My presence in the first class would hardly reach 30 per cent but on the contrary, I would be almost 100 per cent present from the second onwards.

Socrates claimed that any blameworthy behaviour of a person is due to his/her ignorance but the philosophy did not fit in my case. I knew very well that the time waits for none. I also knew that I would solely suffer if I miss my classes. I slept till late hours in the morning and failed to be organised. I couldn’t manage myself according to time. Because of my own fault and mismanagement of time I have to suffer from poor results, especially in those subjects in which I had missed classes. It was now all over. Realising the mistake and regretting the fault will not fetch good results.

The poor academic qualification will always be there behind me and cause hurdles in my career. I can do nothing now except regret the enormous mistake. We all know the value of time and can talk for hours on it but never bother to respect and utilise it in the right manner. Just think about how much time we have spent doing nothing or sitting for hours in front of the idiot box. The days might be uncountable.

Same is the case with my sister who has no time to read a good book but she always manages time for the numerous nonsensical Hindi serials. She never finishes her homework on time but can always reach the theatre an hour before the movie starts. Is she utilising the valuable time or is she committing the same mistake? Robert Frost has rightly opined that our lives may contain lots of promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep. Think of those promises, think of the time when you will actually engage in fulfilling them. And your time starts now!