MIDWAY:Love letter

Dear Sweetheart, words fail to explain how much I miss you at the moment. I feel so desolate and incomplete without your company. This morning, I was staring at the mirror but it reflected an image of a different individual, not the same person I am when you are with me. I stood there reminiscing about all those wonderful moments we have spent together.

Now that I am here without you, I miss those moments so much. The romantic moments that we spent in the bathroom, the smooches that you showered on my cheek; and not only smooches, but the way your lips would move all the way from my ears to my chin and then slowly down to the neck, that would give me a sensation that I crave for every morning — the manner in which you shower me with your caresses and the way you work your charisma — they are all afresh in my memory.

Yesterday I was at a party. And for the special occasion it was, I was dressed up to the nines. But those hours were painful; the loneliness was dreadful. I was sitting down in a quiet corner all alone, just with my glass of red wine. Not one desirable girl with chic, sleek style walked up to me and cared to talk to me.

Not one of them threw me a second look. The ones that I got were full of dislike and displeasure. The horrendous desertion gave me a feeling that I had turned into an ugly monster and all I deserved was just “hate” and “apathy”. How I just wished I had brought you with me.

I must admit that your presence always bodes well and all ominous things are nowhere to be seen. You know I’ve always told you how you have always been a magical and lucky charm for me. God knows what magic you must have done that fine morning when I was selected in the interview. You are my lady luck, you are my saviour and all that can turn a man’s life wonderful. Mere words can’t express the depth of my feeling for you.

These three weeks without you in this alien land have been a dreadful nightmare for me. I promise not to live without you ever again. I love you, your magnificent figure, your dark-coloured magnificent contours, your affectionate strokes and every single imaginable thing about you. Yes, you are the best a man can get!