Mind to heart

Mind is an artificial intelligence compared to the heart. Mind is all about achieving artificial success in life whereas the heart always settles for the truth.

Mind functions by itself based on the information collected by the senses. Mind is all about being superior in the world of illusion and the heart is all about love it gains in the same world.

When the heart feels love from all angles of life then what remains in the heart is truth. Feeling love from all angles includes everything such as pain and happiness.

Truth which if not ignored shows the purpose of life. Then the heart seeks to find more truth by reviewing the life of self.

Truth is realizing all the deeds conducted at different times in life. The purpose of life makes life more meaningful. To attain the purpose would look difficult but a little bit of effort everyday works. It is awareness which the self wants.

Awareness, whatever it may be for different individuals, is what we can give and transfer to others in such a way that it stays with that one forever. Making others aware about different subjects is making one intelligent in them but making one aware about life is changing life forever for good. It is the best reward anyone can give to anyone.

Awareness is being aware of present situations which in the past helped us reach it and the future which waits shaping. By doing things right at the present makes the future brighter and better.

So how do we know what is the right thing to do, that is, when one need to listen to the heart which always seeks the truth whether in illusion or the real world. By acting as per the heart is the right thing to do today and every day.

When self follows the heart in making different decisions in life then the meaning of words starts to manifest in self in such a way that truth gets revealed.

Then the real reason to fight for what is right gets priority. It is when one differentiates what is right from what is wrong. When words start making sense then sources open from even small things in life. It is for this reason why making all aware in life is important.

To be aware in life is a journey from the brain to the heart. The day we don’t listen to our mind and start to listen to the heart then change is happening to us and we are accepting the change by listening to the heart.