The Muslim community in Nepal is rightly disgruntled at mass media outlets and concerned government bodies for overlooking the issues of importance to their day to day lives. Muslims, who constitute around 4.2 per cent of population, deserve due attention in media in the new democratic republic. Why only Muslims, the rights of every minority should be honoured and their grievances addressed. Moreover, the government has still not formed the Hajj Committee, with barely two months to go for the holy annual pilgrimage.

As Nepali Muslims are quick to point out, they have been getting the wrong kind of attention, both at national and international arenas, owing to a few extremists in their midst. Also, in Nepal, the concerns of the Hindus, who comprise around 80 per cent of the population, routinely take the centre stage, overshadowing those of the minorities. Other minority groups too have complained of unjust treatment from the government, the society and the media. Nepal is a secular country and all religions should get equal respect, irrespective of their strength. Unless the sensitivities of every community can be handled with equal care, the task of building a harmonious Nepal where people from diverse communities mix and live harmoniously will never be realised.