By the number of years lived so far, I am quite assured by now that it is almost impossible to predict anything. They say the mind is the most vital part of the body – from the physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

Indeed, the human brain is the most beautiful and powerful integrant of mankind.

These days, everything around awes me – what triggered the human brain to develop this cell phone? What kind of thought processes did the mind undergo to invent this lactose-free zymil milk? What thoughts went into inventing this kitchen microwave? The feeling of reverential respect for the human brain is ever increasing within me!

My surrounding makes me feel how meagre my existence is…Well, this does not make me sad though, because I believe a meaningful life is the ordinary one, lived with dignity. One does not need to be popular. We all have a circle of people, whose lives we can touch and improve – and that is where we can find our meaning. I believe, life is not about just earning to meet your basics. Is this how I am going to live the rest of my life – being paid for work I have zero interest in, just for the sake of “living”? Does my identity of not belonging to this place make any difference to what I want to do or become? Does my being here in this non-native land have an effect? Vaguely, it does not, as creativity has no boundary, they say, but precisely, it does. A sense of belonging is the only thing that currently hovers in my mind. And it is further escalated by everyone I come across here – how far from Permanent Residency? How many points collected so far? As if “belonging” to this country is the only achievement of life!

I have always wanted to write something good. Amidst all this chaos, how am I supposed to ooze out the creative juices!

Times like this make me feel like no one. Indeed, I am no one in this place. But I don’t want to be a “no one”. What if I die having nothing I can be proud of? I know myself well, know my potential – but for now, this is me, the most insignificant being who has been a “work-in-progress” for so long, fighting with self-doubt: Am I good at anything?