Anamika herself worked and contributed to the family income until he showed her dreams of starting a new business together, but with all his affiliations, all the goals are forgotten. When Anamika gets pregnant with her first child, her husband flees and is nowhere to be found. With a pregnant belly and a father to take care of, she goes about doing her chores when a group of soldiers barge into her house demanding to know of her husband’s whereabouts.

A soldier questions her about the baby’s father to which she replies is her husband’s. She is asked to produce the documents that legalize her life in Bhutan. Showing them the copies of her father’s citizenship card, she pleas the soldiers to not banish her off her own motherland, but all in vain. The soldiers ask for her husband’s documents which she is obviously unable to show. He father’s papers turn out to be “not good enough”, constantly restating that only law-abiding-citizens are

allowed to live in Bhutan.