On the black market

These days awe has struck the life of a larger number of Nepalese people. It has tormented them largely and people are unable to continue the larger aspects of their life.   Every group of people is facing problems. The kind and the intensity of the problem that they are facing might look different but their problem has resulted from the same process or incidents. The problem that we are facing these days is the economic blockade.

The goods are coming into the Nepalese market at a very slow pace. People are unable to buy the goods as per their expectations from the usual market. We are compelled to take help from the opportunistic social workers, who are happy to help us suffer various kinds of pain. They are supplying us gasoline and other similar materials at a very ‘affordable’ prize. We the Nepalese people used to strike when the oil corporation used to increase the price of petrol by five or 10 rupees, but these days we are happy to pay in excess of 200 rupees than the usual price.

The governmental mechanism is showing a snail’s pace approach in solving the problem. Many people do not know what the problem actually is? Is this the problem created by the Madhesi minority group of people, or is it is just due to the negligence of some pumpkin heads, who like to call themselves the big leaders of the country. There is another question as well. Are the agitating parties doing the right thing by contributing to the blockade?

The work that is expected to be done by the government is now being done by some of the opportunistic shopkeepers and respected members of our society. We have seen social teachers who teach in the school about the social evils like black-marketing actually buying petrol for their bikes from the person who is selling the petrol at a higher price. Policemen are found breaching the laws and acting like they do not know what is happening around them. Schools are buying diesel at higher price, normal people are buying goods at the price that they would have never expected to pay in the usual days.

Every one of us knows that something wrong is happening around us, but still we are unable to stop it. The things that the government is unable to manage is being managed by these traders. It is difficult for the common people to distinguish right from wrong. The question among us is, are the people involved in black-marketing evils of our society?