Only mental hospital is ill

The people who are not mentally healthy are considered  mentally ill and treated in the mental hospitals. In Nepal there is only one mental hospital that is situated in Lagankhel. It was separated from Bir Hospital and established as a mental hospital. This hospital is where students visit. Not only nursing students but doctors too visit it  for psychiatry study.

There many more things  lacking here all due to the negligence rather than anything else. This hospital lacks water for hand washing after each procedure. Even at the nursing station there is no such provision. A steel basin with bricks placed in it and a bucket at the top with water is kept for hand washing. There is no provision of clean and safe drinking water too. Water is not available even in toilets. The helpers work in such a way as if their vertebrae is rigid. When they sweep or wipe the floor they rarely bend and make it clean.

Thus, how can the hospital be kept clean. The conference room is in the same condition. At least  as no patient  go there  why don’t they clean it properly. The floor seems full of dust.   If the hospital staffs work well it will be neat and tidy. Aren’t the mentally ill patients human beings too? Don’t they have the right to stay clean and eat and drink as well as physically ill patients? Every staff of the hospital must beheld responsible.

The cabins should be made free from toilet odor, the floors free of dust and adequate water should be provided.  We know that the government can be held accountable for all these. The  government needs pressure because it seems to be passive. It doesn’t know its responsibility and people must make it realize this.This is  part of the health minister’s task so it is his responsibility. He must list the demands and fulfill them.After all mentally ill patients are also patients as the physically ill.

The government should not invest the budget allocated to the mental hospital to any other hospital, because it is the one and only mental hospital in the country. It is the central hospital for treating the mentally ill patients.  The hospital earns from the students and that earning should be mobilized in all sectors.

The hospital provides free food for the patients, some medicines are free, some laboratory investigations are free which are positive points. But,if all investigations could be free, unavailable medications could be made available, and radiology service be made available and free of cost that would good for the hospital.