Out with verbal abuse!

One evening, I overheard a typical utterance on my way to my home. Someone was heard saying “Pakhe” to whoever it might have been. I did not notice what the addresser looked like. Neither did his word please me much. Instead, the uttered word drew my attention and led me to recall the day when for the first time I vehemently had a hot argument with the person who called me so. I still try my best to forget that bitter event; but it frequently comes to my mind.

I don’t know why so many people in our society use such words in their daily talk. In a real sense, it is used to address those people who live in ‘Pakha’(Hill)-just like the people who live in ‘Pahad’(Mountain) and ‘Madesh’(Terai).But, nowadays this word is rarely used in its real sense. Rather many people use it in their communication to degrade others. Moreover, some of the so-called city dwellers have even brought the words like “Bhate and Khate” in their daily practice.

Consequently, the trend of using such words in Nepali society has become the main instrument of insulting or dominating others. Some people also take its help while trying to act smart. Therefore, it can be taken as an apparent example of a social discrimination whereby both villagers and illiterate people have been the victims of such ill-practice.

People in Nepal fail to understand that any form of social discrimination is greater than a heinous crime. It creates a sense of superiority and inferiority; and in the long run it kills the feeling of brotherhood among the people in society. As a result, some people in the society undoubtedly start to behave wretchedly and their behavior causes difficulties for others either because it has negative effect or because ordinary people find it difficult to live with such for no personal fault of the victim.

Here, all of us should conceive

that for any one, the state of being insulted or dominated are strong

and painful. In my own experience, there cannot be a more traumatic experience. Thus, everyone’s status must be respected as it constitutes an acknowledgement of the rights. As members of the society, there should be no reason to be obliged to subject ourselves in this manner. The ill-intentions of the perpetrators should receive a fitting reply.