Painful days

Dear Madhes, It is 100th day of shutdown!!! One hundred day in 365 days amounts to some 27.39 %. And for this much time- you have been silently shouting by staying stagnant. Thanks to the Earthquake that had least impact in Terai and now- how life is out of gear makes it worse than the earthquake, isn’t it? The silent roads, the closed schools , the closed factories- what about the daily wage-earning workers? You and I both are being imprisoned, right? After all who holds the key of both of our freedom? Who is the one who started and decided that you should be shutdown? Who are the ones who decided to seal the “border”. Who are the ones dividing you and I? Do they have that right to divide? If medicines that will cure you are fulfillment of your demands ~ Dear Madhes, if that medicine doesn’t have side-effects on all other organs- then I wish- you get that Sanjeevani buti- and feel alive once again! Without you being well- we all will be on a deep bed rest!! —