Polishing talent

Yesterday I had nothing special to do so I had gone to another room other than my usual study room, for the Wi-Fi router is in that room. I was just playing random old Nepali songs in the YouTube then I was drummed by something that prompted me to write these things.

I stopped when I heard a Gandarva child singing a beautiful song in the streets for some measly amount of money. Having seen all those talents, I had actually watched quite a number of such videos, I couldn’t help but think, was that system which forced a kid to adopt his father’s profession good? What I am trying to explain is about knowing one’s talent and polishing such talent as early as possible.

These kids would get to know what they need to know in their profession from the day they are born. Imagine you have some talent in your gene and get to polish that from the day you were born, wouldn’t you be great when you   grew up?

If we now look at what we actually have in our society, in our education system a kid moves to 10th grade without even knowing what sort of education leads where. Oh wait, we are taught the same subjects and techniques till 10th grade. Then we choose streams, not based on what we want to be in future for we have no experience or even know about any profession but doctors, engineers, policemen and soldiers.

For choosing science chasing the herd of students should I call myself a sheep? Almost everybody wants to be an engineer or doctor and they also give entrance examinations. Up to this time they have visualized themselves as engineers and doctors.

They couldn’t make it to either college--medical or engineering--as most cannot, as only 3-5 % can make it to the scholarship quota.

I am talking about the normal Nepali student without considering that you were born in a privileged family who could pay for your education anywhere around the globe. Then only he seeks alternatives and goes for pure science if he didn’t get one. If he pursues the science stream, he will be a helmet teacher.

He pursues other things like to work in some bank with a handsome salary. But if he fails he will toil for government jobs as the last resort through PSC and join one. If he cannot make it to a government job he will fly to some Arab country or would be seen in some subways selling clothes as in Nepal.