Political derailment

In management, “Managerial Derailment” is a widely used term to tag high level executives who fail to deliver their responsibilities well. Executives derail but management has assessment tools and managerial remedies to bring them back on track and refocus on the goal. Linking this concept to Nepali politics, leadership derailment has become a major political setback. And, the present political scene apparently exhibits that derailment will continue as we don’t see a charismatic, visionary, ethical and patriotic leadership in succession. The danger indication of political leadership derailment may rate Nepal as a failed nation.

At this point of time, I don’t see any change brought by a decade long bloody civil war since they have derailed ‘a lot’ from their major agenda. I often think of past revolutions in Nepal. In seven decades we have come across ups and downs in institutionalizing the same agenda. Every time constitution writing becomes the issue. The outcomes of 2007 were highjacked.

2036 was just a dramatic referendum. 2046 was a landmark victory again. But the constitution that followed could not address all sections of the society giving rise to the decade long bloody civil war.

2058 marks an important political turn. Frustrated and discontent citizens revolutionized once again for the victory of 62/63 ‘Jana Andolen’. Almost one decade has passed and still the constitution has not formally been written. The ongoing political development shows the new constitution will also leave many agendas unaddressed—again a compromise. This will give rise to new political rivals and bloody disorder. Leaders have derailed from the major agendas of the peoples’ sentiments.

Giving people hope and agenda for change is simple. What makes value is the delivery. People are not concerned with what the agendas are, they need political stability and a conducive environment to lead their business. We have become weaker in the international community. To damage and ruin is easy but making and crafting a nation and its people is difficult. People won’t excuse time and again.

We are on the verge of finalizing the constitution. People have put suggestions countrywide. But there are doubts on addressing those issues. The constitution should be able to unite people and lead the nation forward. But, the present political developments show political derailment.