Pump priming

An energetic response is urgently in order to check the wanton wastage of energy resources. That most of them cannot be replenished calls for conservation endeavours that would come from their judicious use. Thus, the innovative call made by Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Ganesh Shah the other day that we could start in a small way, for instance, by changing our cooking habit is appropriate. This appeal gives rise to a host of other possible measures when it comes to the wise use of energy, particularly by city folks. For starters, instead of relying on water pumps, people could carry water in buckets to the upper floors. One of its benefits is that it would give the urban folks good exercise.

By the way, who would need streetlights when the headlights of vehicles light up the thoroughfares of the capital in the late evenings and nights. Besides, in this time of water scarcity, perhaps it would be proper to do away with daily bathing. The thing to remember here is that you would not be the only person smelling. Furthermore, the widespread use of vehicles, even for commuting short distances, should be discouraged in this conservation drive. Young people relishing joy rides on their mobikes could be taught the charm of trekking in the countryside. Such energy saving changes in lifestyles, and others, would be small beginnings, but well worth carrying out.