Rapid approach

“I feel proud of myself, very proud,” said Rokhaya Niang as she worked. She and her team had had only 100 days to streamline and accelerate the administrative processing of land subdivision applications at the local Ministry of Urbanization office in Rufisque, a city 25 km east of the center of Dakar.

The area has been developing quickly since it was chosen as the location of the new national government center, and their office had been swamped under a backlog of allotment and construction requests.

In early 2017, the World Bank piloted a project to help kick start the Government’s new Public Sector Modernization Program, taking on two targeted processes: land subdivision requests, managed by the Ministry of Urbanization, and water connections, implemented by a private service provider. The project adopted a rapid results approach, betting a quick intervention could avert the inertia that had bogged down prior, top-down reform efforts. — blog.wb.org/blogs