Real vs virtual world

Suddenly a Hi……appeared on my laptop screen while I was searching something on Google. I glanced on the Facebook Messenger and got shocked. It was from a friend who hardly makes conversation with me face to face.

Nowadays, social media is attached to our life as an extra appendage. We enjoy with our virtual world on the social media, rather than the real world conversation.

People update their posts before they accomplish or sometimes start the task. And, the landslide of ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ follows immediately. Is it good to get attached to the virtual world every time and to share every moment of life? The answer may not be a chorus. Life is not merely a jigsaw posted on social media. Do you ever think it is secure to share everything in the virtual world? Because of these mushrooming social sites the face to face conversation is dimming. People are busy with their virtual worlds so they have no time for real world conversation.

Nonetheless, it has made our communication easier, cheaper and swifter. We can communicate with our relatives and friends lying far apart and even meet our long lost friends. It has made police investigation easier, as police can view the victim’s activity in the social sites and can get a lot of private information, which may be enigmatic to the family. Moreover, we can use many sites for our study and get firsthand and up-to-date information with the latest achievement in our subject which may not be incorporated in the textbook. We can watch videos and get a lot of helpful tips. Through chat group, students can share their opinions over any subject which may be fruitful for the study. However, it has multifarious demerits – students might spend their study time in chat and can ruin their grades, especially the teens. The bogus identity may be dangerous, which can exacerbate crime such as abduction, blackmailing, robbery etc.

Though this social media is a boon of this 21st century, we have to limit its influence upon us. It is up to us to set a frontier between a virtual and a real world. As the real world is real it can’t be mistaken with virtual. So, it is better to be engaged with the virtual world as little as possible. Posting a status ‘Welcome to the world’ for a newborn and ‘RIP’ for the gone ones in our profile doesn’t make us responsible. A responsible person is the one who, emotionally, attends in sorrows and enjoys in ceremony.