Reasons to write

It is known that with the advent of writing came the dawn of civilizations. It is no wonder then that writing is a unique occupation, one that fascinates me to the core. Further, writing is a unique vocation, because it is driven by inspiration and novel ideas. In the world of arts and culture, writing is an elitist job, one to which I desperately want to belong.

Why do I write? I write because I must in order to find some semblance of sanity in my life and find a way of expressing my pent up thoughts both conscious and sub-conscious. I envy writers who seem to write with ease and comfort because that is not the case with me. There are many nights that I have spent wide awake because of the book I am reading, and the thoughts that the book evoked. I have battled sleepless nights constantly pondering upon the message in the book and marveling at the talent of the writer. I wonder if I too can create similar impressions on my readers.

Writing is a struggle for me. It is a constant struggle to find a balance between materialism and spirituality. I do want recognition but I also want to find myself. To write is to discover yourself through words threaded out of imagination and reality. Imagination is immensely helpful, but so is the vast world of knowledge and information. It is creative writing that I am most interested in as it involves imagination and ingenious ideas. Writing brings order in my life. It justifies my inane imagination and fuels my creative sparks. It fulfills my need for expression and communication.

It eliminates any sense of boredom, and as I write new worlds seem to appear that make my real world more novel and colorful. Writing is a two way street. I write and I receive. I receive satisfaction over sentences well written, of characters well woven and stories that I create out of imagination. It provides solid foundation to an otherwise shaky life. I write because it is through words that I can conjure up new stories that can entertain, inform and educate. I can command attention through my writing. I can create waves that can have ripples like the domino effect.

Writing creates a legacy, a trail of words that when put together, almost magically, forms a world where the readers can escape and find their way out emerging anew, entertained and educated. The writers are a select few and the readers are vast, and, as I write words into sentences, I do hope that my readers will be filled with awe and wonder. At the end, I hope that I have made a difference through my writing. I hope that I have inspired through the sheer power of words.