There are plastic bags galore stuffed under your kitchen sink. You want to know how to recycle plastic bags. There are endless ways to recycle plastic bags. Retailers can help you to recycle plastic bags. You can recycle them by making useful items. You can also use less plastic bags to begin with, so recycling won’t be necessary. Here are some ways to recycle plastic bags.

The next time you go shopping think of all those plastic bags under your sink. Recycle plastic bags by reusing them on your next shopping trip. Why not recycle old plastic grocery and shopping bags by using them to collect other recyclables? Keep reusing and recycling plastic bags until they are no longer useful. Then take them to the store recycle box. Recycle plastic bags to make pretty painted wall texture patterns too. Just ball them up, dip in paint, and tap on the wall.

Recycle plastic bags as trash can liners. Of course these will be thrown away, but at least they get a second use. —