Information on every subject under the sun can be had provided one is patient, prepared to sweat it out and then make the right effort. To this end the housewife busy with chores, the student who is college bound and the scientist in the lab share something in common.
To a housewife the market value of products makes her aware if nothing else. The prices of edibles, foodstuffs and groceries have to be known so that she can make an informed choice. The pricing mechanism fluctuates almost on a daily basis and so the difference can lead to a crucial decision. In any event, she has to balance the household budget while attending to other duties. The student who goes to college deals with subjects that are academic in nature. And any information coming his/her way is paid attention to because it affects his/her workload. This takes place in a specified time limit since there are assignments and coursework to finish.
While the scientist works several hours a stretch in his chosen field of expertise. This can prove to be an elusive task because it means tracking down the bits and pieces in a puzzle or phenomenon. Experimenting with known objects and verifying their usage is the usual method of working. He may prefer to work alone or as a part of a team to research anything of consequence.
In each of the case cited above the workload is enhanced due to information received as a feedback. Only the relevant facts are made known so that it enables one to reach the right conclusion. This can take time and in the offing are results which can be verified by applying logic. Information once processed is usually filed away to be retrieved later on as the occasion may demand. Once an item has been acknowledged in the higher centres of the brain, the matter ends here.
If there are a lot of information it can lead to an overload. Hence it becomes necessary to be selective and familiarise oneself with its contents. This leads to further investigation leaving one more knowledeable as to its context. The matter can be taken up either in stops and starts or in a single sweep.
The right information leads to changes in lifestyles, germination of ideas and plays a role in decision
making. This promotes the way one perceives life in relation to objects and its visualization.