Road rage

The number of road accidents and the resulting death toll have significantly risen in the past one year, according to a report. From the beginning of Shrawan to Chaitra 9 of the year 2064 BS, 74 accidents have been reported, in which 66 lives were lost while an equal number of people were injured. It is the recklessness of the drivers that could have been the major cause of most of these accidents, but it is equally true that some of the vehicles involved in accidents were in a virtually dysfunctional state. In the past few months, the traffic authorities have taken several measures to reduce the number of accidents by launching awareness campaigns and taking precautionary measures throughout the country.

However, that alone does not seem to suffice as long as the rules and regulations are strictly observed and effectively implemented. The vehicles, especially those plying on long routes, should be checked strictly to see if they are technically safe to carry passengers. Moreover, the concerned authorities in their respective VDCs and municipalities should cooperate with the traffic authorities and see to it that highways are not encroached upon by street vendors that obstruct traffic movement. The traffic authorities on their part should be extra vigilant against any violation of traffic rules and regulations and strictly punish the violators.