Rotating wonders

The watermills are more than symbolic icons of this land of hills and dales. Tapping the potential of the running water body is what the whole story is about. They are boons for the villagers by acting instead to take the grind of their manual task of getting the cereal grains to the flour stage. That power of the flowing water was utilized since so long gives us a fine insight into the ingenuity of the people living in this part of the world. Yet, publicity eluded them, until hydropower of the bigger kind made an entry. However, our own watermills have stood the onslaught of the incursion of the modern gadgets that needed electricity to run, while our own engineering product could, in fact, produce current.

The need has grown to make the locally designed contraption more efficient. This is the wish of everyone associated with the watermill culture or has some familiarity with it. Greater amount of energy can be extracted from a renewable, zero price, eco-friendly, non-foreign aid dependent water if the traditional watermills go for the updating trick. We can rest assured that our own ingenuity exhibited by the wonderful watermills will remain intact as a legacy that keeps on delivering.