Seams about to burst

Keep your inquisitive and optimistic eyes open. Everything seems to be alarmingly in ruins around us. There is little alacrity

and charm. Dusty, rusty, mundane things and emptiness surround

us, dwindling down a wee bit with hope left within. It is all about grumbling, but true. The country is yelping in pain, everything is running down the drain and everyone is suffering from the strain.

Ministers are corrupt, criminals carnage in a full carte blanche, impunity allows evil a full swing around, unreasonable price hike noose, unemployment adds despair, virtual desertion of developmental works all over and pitched darkness devours the water endowed country. Nevertheless, the center is after the chair and Prado politics. A flawed political legacy centered to clinging to the outmoded party shibboleths and musing for party existence and self-complacency ignoring the country throws the nation in a mess, whosoever goes to the helm. The present government is also beset with the same misfortune. Proudly, cock-a-hoop though being a transitional guinea-pig, the prime minister is holding tight without any qualms nurturing the bondage of premiership gotten by ‘as the luck would have it’ and mustering up to prolong the tenure of the governance congregated by corrupt leaders.

We have been imposed an unequivocal option to painfully watch and mentally wear down. Even a layman, fired by the desire to kick the leaders on the butt, wants to end the fury so that they could regain consciousness and start working for common welfare standing above the party interests to rescue the nation from this economic and political imbroglio. It is the need of the hour to stop them from sheer wickedness. How long will the ministers stick firm with the faces smeared with plenty of nemesis? It is true that our tolerance is being taken advantage of. Regard the patience of the people; the patience starving for peace, stability and the long leap towards progress despite being crippled by chronic anxiety and desolation triggered by incompetent leadership. The perennial political torture doesn’t seem likely to end soon, but it is heightening the magnitude of torment. The more the imposition of charades the quicker the aggression is released, stirring up the public catharsis to go burst.