Secret to longevity

Everybody wants to lead a healthy, happy and long life. But wishful thinking isn’t enough to actually live the life of one’s dreams. One needs to make a conscious effort to achieve their dreams, and longevity is no exception. As nothing begets nothing, one has to persistently toil for success. The inevitability of death is a bitter truth of life. It may come to anyone at anytime. Nobody knows when they will die or how, but healthy choices can ensure a longer life.

After a mother gives birth, she rears her child tenderly and pays fine attention to every detail of his/ her life. If, while growing up, we are able to pay such attention to our own life choices, we can avoid chaotic lifestyles and premature death. Of course, death to old age is unavoidable but untimely demise is not. Our day-to-day decisions can alter our life and increase longevity.

For example, if we avoid bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or doing drugs, we can avoid several health complications including cancer and liver cirrhosis. Other than major health issues, attention to smaller details like having a good breakfast every morning and eating all meals on time can give personal health a boost.

We all know that a good, healthy life requires balanced diet, regular physical exercise and plenty of rest. But to lead a truly healthy life, we need to expand on our own personal fulfillment and happiness. For example, one can practise laughing therapy by watching funny videos or GIFs. One can also try going out for a walk or hanging out with friends.  Sharing ideas with loved ones or even just spending time with them improves mental health. Another important tip to follow is to maintain balance between work, rest and entertainment. Too much work can lead to an unhealthy life but a sedentary lifestyle does not promote longevity either. A positive outlook on life is crucial for longevity. It is important to be calm and collected while doing any task but negative emotions like anger sap away at our peace of mind and corrupt our productivity. Regular meditation can help maintain a peaceful mental state while combating such negativity.

Today’s technological age demands that we spend more time on computers and mobiles. However, we need to properly allocate time we spend on electronics. It is no god being a couch potato. Physical activities are a must to keep ourselves healthy.