Each one of us has some deep secrets and we want to keep where they are, not share it with anyone – even with those people who we think are very close to us. We do not want to speak about them because they are not on the priority. Nor do we consider them to be significant.

There are so many incidents and instances that we would not want to remember. We would rather prefer not to talk about them. Do you think it’s wrong? Some confessions that are not worth sharing, as a matter of fact, should be given the silent treatment because nothing will change even if we unfold them.

But when people are in a relationship, the bond just gets stronger by the day when communication and trust are at the highest level.

If anyone asks whether one should keep something secret in a relationship, our immediate answer will be “no”. The general belief, or say an unwritten rule that many follow, is people in a relationship must tell each other everything.

We believe that a true relationship is when we can tell each other everything – every thought and feeling and even things that we have kept under wraps for years. But some may argue there is no point saying things which are not important, and it would not affect the relationship as we exactly know what we are looking for and want.

The situation can get worse when the presumption that it wouldn’t bother the other one goes wrong. Some people want to know each and every detail and they love to connect the dots. It really depends on the person that we have fallen in love with and how well do we know them.

To tell or not to tell is always an option that individuals have. Relationships are always rocky in the beginning so why would we want to bare our heart to someone who may not be around for long.

The trust dilemma is always there and keeping a few secrets is in everyone’s best interest. This means that we give in small doses and in appropriate times when we reach that comfort level.

There are times when talks about the person whom we dated are initiated. There are so many small things which can go by not getting particular about them. It all depends on the situation and value, mostly their consequences.

Some may say a relationship with no arguments is one with lots of secrets. Do you think it’s true?