Serious concern

The deepening political impasse in the country is inviting concern not only here but in the international arena as well. Being well wishers it is only natural for them to voice this especially with the inordinate delay in forming a new government, after the resignation of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”. Thus, foreign diplomats and representatives of donor countries are calling on the leaders of the various political parties in a bid to express concern at the present political deadlock. So far, little headway has been made to end the imbroglio. The political crisis in the country has deepened further after the revelations of the controversial videotape that shows that the Maoists are not actually committed to the peace process. The disclosures have brought about a new turn with the Maoists intentions being questionable. The videotape shows that the Maoists had inflated the number of their actual combatants for verification so that they could procure the money, ostensibly to be paid as salary to the Maoist combatants in cantonments, to buy more weapons. The revelations that the Maoists aimed to capture state power was even more shocking.

However, in his meeting with the Western diplomats and foreign donors Prime Minister Dahal has expressed his commitment to the establishment of peace and democracy, but he has refused to budge from his stand that the President revoke his decision. Until then the Maoists have pledged not to join any government and also to disrupt normal proceedings in the Parliament. Prime Minister Dahal has tried to explain the structure of the Maoist combatants as to their actual numbers, and it was said that the delegates were apparently satisfied with the clarification of the issue as what was shown in the videotape is already 18 months old, before the Constituent Assembly polls were held. At that time there many who were sceptical as to whether the CA would actually be held, so the Maoists leaders claimed that what the Prime Minister then said is actually out of context at present. The foreign delegates, however, have taken exception to the way the Maoists are going about by intimidating the workers of other political parties and also their bid to form a parallel government. The Maoists should abide by their pledges, however, their actions do not live up to their words with reports pouring of atrocities committed by their cadres in various districts like intimidation.

Meanwhile, former prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala in his meeting with the foreign delegates has expressed his confidence that the Maoists would facilitate a national unity government led by CPN-UML and has assuaged the representatives of the diplomatic missions and donor community that there is nothing to worry about. As has been oft repeated, as consensus is the only way out of the mire that Nepali politics is now in, it behoves on all the leaders of the various political parties to come together when it comes to national interest and to come over partisan lines in order that the peace process is taken to the logical conclusion.