Serve public with smile

Society revolves round a system; man-made rules and regulations. For these laws to be enforced, we have a built in system as security forces. Police hence make an entry here when we talk about serving the people.

The force is assigned by the government to ensure the safety of the general public. Our society has some kind of irrational fear when they see any security personnel, but crime is to be feared and not the people who are there to protect us. However, due to some incidents, people in general seem to have this fear.

Recently, my cousin met with a minor accident with another bike. The other person was on the wrong side, violating the traffic signs, both of them fell off, luckily nothing happened to my cousin.

My cousin lifted the other rider and took him to the hospital, not because he was guilty, but out of humanity. Later on, it was known that the rider was no other than a police personal in plain clothes.

However, the policeman made a call to his colleagues and relayed the information about my cousin being the careless one.They arrested him and brutally beat him up all over. In self defense, my cousin slapped the face of a policeman. They hit him with a belt this time causing uncountable bruises. My cousin was released the same day after making arrangements   for some powerful calls.

They charged him for hitting the policeman and even threatened to shoot him to death. The hospital where the policeman was treated came up with a long list of medical treatment performed on the policeman, who had in fact suffered minor bruises on his right foot.

A young girl in her twenties riding back home around 11 pm would fear no one but the policemen for her safety, when the situation should have been just opposite.The fear has fueled up among the youngsters. Never keep the police personnel too close or too far. Always maintain a distant relationship. And, if they ask any question just give a one-word answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No”; Never argue with them even if they may be on the wrong side of law.

The police have been given weapons to protect the public; not to threaten them; they are there for the safety of the society, not to terrorize them for a minor incident like the traffic mishap. All the police personnel must be given civic education so that they can serve the “public-with-a-smile” the motto of the police department.