Settling abroad

Recently one of my close friends got a visa to Australia. Many friends and his relatives congratulated him. His Facebook post was flooded with comments and likes. I stayed away from commenting on his post. I don’t think it is a matter of success and progress. He completed his MSc under the government scholarship. He grew up here and this country made him a capable person to fight and survive. He is now 28. When the country needs him – his knowledge and energy – the most, he is set to fly abroad. Is it a matter of success? Does he deserve the congratulations?

I remember our college days when we used to write articles on how the country is in dire need of youths and human resources for its development. I still remember we had won first and second prizes in an essay competition titled “Role of Youths in the Development of New Nepal.”

He used to say: “I will not go abroad. We need to form a strong team to work together to make Nepal prosperous.” I was inspired and updated my Facebook status that evening: “I am not going to fill DV lottery forms and won’t accept permanent residency of any other country. I will use my knowledge and experience for the development of Nepal.” He was the first person to like and comment on my status. But today he is leaving me and this country.

Once youths get PR in a foreign country, they rarely return. This means the country loses energetic and enthusiastic youths who in the real sense can affect some change.

Then there are some social problems as well. Once a friend of mine who is in Australia requested me to take his parents to the hospital for treatment. They were happy when they got treated, but their eyes were filled with tears.

I am not saying people should not go abroad. Every individual has the right to go to a country or place of his or her choice. But I would rather prefer if people did not forget their birthplace. Once Nepal used to export rice to South Korea; but the country has made immense progress in recent years. We need to introspect why we are lagging behind.

Knowledge is everything in today’s world and youths must go to places to acquire knowledge and education. But how nice it would be if our youths returned to their home country and contribute to nation building. Youths these days set a goal of flying abroad, earn permanent residency and settle there for good. This makes me a little uncomfortable.