Shaping our thoughts

Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said, “Carefully watch your thoughts they become your words, manage and watch your words they become your actions, watch your actions they become your habit and watch your habits they shall become your values”. In fact, our behaviors are shaped by our thoughts and cognition. Psychology has already proved that our behaviors are the reflections of our cognition. Various maladaptive behaviors often referred to as abnormal behaviors are treated on this principle that “healthy thoughts lead to healthy feelings and behaviors”.

Various abnormalities in people like anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobic disorders, conversion disorders (hysteria), multiple personality disorder, depression, mania are the result of illogical thoughts about themselves and about the world. Cognitive behavioral therapy which was developed by Aaron Beck, a psychologist, is based on the notion that the abnormal behavior or psychological disorders can be rectified by restructuring a person’s belief system into a more realistic and logical set of views.

Therefore, it is very indispensable that we cultivate positive thoughts in our mind. A person with positive attitudes or thoughts is clearly distinct from others. However the absence of negativity in mind does not make a man positive. It is just like absence of illness doesn’t mean that a person is healthy. A blissful life demands more than physical pleasures and sophistication. A blissful life is the emotional state of joy, personal fulfillment and happiness. It is only possible through acquiring and cultivating positive attitudes towards ourselves and the world. A person with positive thoughts in mind is always a high achiever because he never blames others for his failure but learns from his own mistakes. He takes failure as the seed for the success and believes that his destiny is only determined by his efforts and action and not by any other means. He tries to become a man of values than just chasing success arbitrarily.

Just as the junk foods make us ill, the same does negative thoughts with our mind, body and behavior. And it is very important to know ways to feed positive thoughts in our mind. Becoming a fault finder is the greatest hindrance to positive attitude. Instead we should seek the positive pictures of each thing. If we clean the window’s glass we will clearly see the beautiful sight outside. The same thing happens if we clean our thoughts and attitudes.