Show compassion

Human beings are superior to other animals on earth because of their consciousness, care, compassion and generosity. Their ability to think, their social nature and humanity make them different from other animals. Their kind, helpful and social behaviour help create harmony in the community and society.

At the moment, the Tarai is crying with the deep pain inflected by the floods and their aftermath. Many people lost their lives; hundreds of others have been injured, and thousands of others have nowhere to go because their houses have been swept away in the floods. The victims of the floods have nothing to eat because their food stock, wealth, cattle and crops have been destroyed by the floods.

As they have lost everything and are helpless, a little compassion, help and care can do a lot for them. Some have lost their parents and others have lost their sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.

The money the government may provide them does not compensate their loss. The sense of humanity gives them courage to stand up again and go on the journey of life. It imparts the sense of security and gives them strength to cope with such a terrible plight.

The power of nature is very hard to comprehend. It has preservative as well as destructive qualities. Natural calamities do not differentiate between the poor or rich, young or old and women or men. However, children, women, the weak and the poor suffer the most. Besides, the effect of natural calamities can be reduced with awareness among people and the government, and strong measures taken by the government.

We all face some challenges and obstacles in our life. But when we see others in trouble it is our duty to help, care and show solidarity with them. We can do it with the feeling to improve their condition, we don’t have to do much; a tiny help could have huge implications. We can help with whatever we can or whatever we have. This is true humanity.

The humanity should not be based on religion, ethnicity and geography. A few years ago, the huge earthquake devastated life in the hilly region and people from the Tarai too provided support. Now the Tarai has a problem, and people from hilly region should also provide help. Some live in the hills and some in the plains, but we all are Nepalese. To help one another during the time of need is not only our responsibility but also a pure humanitarian deed.