Sick models

Once in mainstream politics, every party nurtures the idea of getting onto the hot seat that offers |all the power and pelf that anyone can imagine of. Through persuasion, horse trading or any other fair or foul means the whole focus is on gaining the topmost job, rather the toppling of the government in existence. That has been on the air since 1990,

that is the reinstatement of democracy. The role model of leaders that we have are no better when it comes to get their selfish bags overflowing. Sometimes the very thought of politics sickens the mind of an average citizen who sees no concrete results to see life getting any better.

Hanging onto the fragile threads of hope has been the destiny of the citizenry. The political leaders also in this sense belong to the same flock, though with a different purpose. Out of government, the thoughts like that of the UCPN (Maoist) is to topple the government that has been legitimately formed. In the meanwhile, they forget that they had their days leading the government but merely wasted time on trivialities. One just wonders whether the leaders of all hues will ever emerge from the cocoon of self-centred idolization.