Skip meat

When we make a list of food the list gets its real taste with meat items liked by non-vegetarians including me. Sometimes even the advertisement of these non-veg food items triggers one to eat for reasons other than hunger.

Looking at the other aspect of consuming meat items, have we ever realized the impact of it in our life, especially processed meat. It’s true that meat gives us protein but we forget how hazardous animal protein is. The main source of protein always starts from plants.  Animal protein eventually causes diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes.

According to a research done by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), processed meat are carcinogen. It is a bitter truth to accept the fact that the food that we believe to be consuming protein and for muscle gain is silently killing us. All Creature organization reported that women who eat a large amount of red meat will have 50% higher risk of dying of heart diseases and 20% higher risk of dying of cancer. In addition, it is even concluded that for overall mortality 11 % of deaths in men and 16% death in women could be prevented in the world if consumption of meat is reduced.

When WHO and IARC have identified processed meat is equivalent to and dangerous as five sticks of cigarettes, the main question is why the government is not preventing carcinogen products. The Ministry of Health still lacks coherent projects to provide education on a healthy diet.

The recent documentary, “What the Health” shows that the answer to it, is the biggest secret. Organizations like American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society are sponsored by the company such as Tyson, KFC, Pizza Hut which are meat promoting industries. When these companies contribute US$16 billion in GDP and give millions of jobs to the commoners then who dare  stop them for selling those unhygienic products. It is already proven that eating a very low-fat, plant-based, vegetarian diet and other lifestyle changes could, in fact, reverse heart disease. None of us wants to see the horrific treatment that animals are subjected to for our benefit. Animal slaughter, animal violence is a wrong way to satisfy our tummy.

It’s hard to argue with a plant-based diet when it benefits our health, waistline, wallet and conscience. Any movement toward more plants and less meat is a big step in the right direction. Why not skip  meat and eat some beans today?