The youngest member in a family, the lowest employee of an organization and the least important person in the social hierarchy have something in common. They contribute their mite in small but meaningful ways, and affect others in the immediate vicinity.

In the family the child engages in chores, runs errands and odd jobs. Their role cannot be downsized to suit those who would not have it otherwise.

In an organization, the peon holds the lowest position in the rank-and-file. But this only goes to belie his importance as a messenger, cook and helper. He goes about his work with dignity and nobody can raise a finger or voice because he is humility personified. The vendor in the marketing scenario may seem insignificant but, nevertheless, makes for a loud mouthed, aggressive bunch. Even though the volume of business is small and negligible and profits meagre he will not back down from a job only he can fill. No one can take away his right to support a growing family on the proceeds of whatever he has managed to earn. And nothing troubles him so much as being disallowed to ply his wares on the pavements.

The cases cited here prove what one can do even if it may be an itsy-bitsy role to play. In the wider context of the society, it may not amount to much. Occupying positions in a commercialised, helter-skelter world can be termed tenuous but their importance cannot be underestimated. Because of this factor alone there is a need for their contribution which is real, concrete and measurable. They should not be judged by any standard and encouraged to do their best.

In the comings-and-goings of the workplace, they give their level best and are undeterred. And make it a going concern with a maximum effort according to their interests, abilities and chosen field of endeavour. Although there is little to show yet they go about their business without making a fuss in the process.

That their contribution can be measured is to be stated openly without fear of ridicule. Moreover, the question is how this happens- in the absence of any method to learn a lesson from them. But the net gain is almost always felt and no pretensions about it - a point only they can testify and vouchsafe time to time again.