Strong will

Becky was wounded in a vicious accident, almost 4 months ago. A rocket hit Becky’s car on way home from work. She suffered injury to her stomach and thigh, which almost cost her life. She is better now, way better, but the physical pain is still there, as are the gap between what she used to be, and who she is now. She is struggling with staircases, long walks, physiotherapy and bad memories. As strong willed as they come, and just as independent, Becky is not one for sugar coating. Her words speak:

“I had several good days - with myself, but also with doctors. Some of them really like me. It is wonderful and unexpected when a plastic surgeon takes my hand, holds it and says — Becky, you are wonderful.

The surgeon’s gesture provided Becky with multiple kinds of ammunition to help her fight the good battle. He acknowledged her as a person who has a name and a personality,

and he also projected a future for her, one she could live with.