Tedious procedures

Most semi government organizations are very ineffective in the use of technology and innovation, whereas private organizations like private banks are very proactive in adopting new techniques and technology. This points to the feeble mechanisms that the government organizations are following that by all accounts are very ineffective and traditional. I experienced this when I went to the Nepal Airlines corporate office in Sundhara to apply for the vacancy that the airline had invited some days ago.

I observed that there were serpentine queues to purchase the form for submission for these vacant posts. The company is distributing the forms for admission by charging Rs. 100 for each.The corporation was distributing them only in a printed form.

These forms were not available at the website of the company. It is shocking that the corporation of this stature did not have the forms to be distributed in its website. In my opinion if the company had uploaded the form and accepted the online applications there would not be so long queues to purchase the form. Online application will also support the environmental objective of going green. That is the less paper we use, the better will the environment be.

We study a lot about queue management in operation management, but in reality this is mostly unused in this country. We are still using the techniques that have increased the queues in the absence of no proper mechanism to manage the queues for service seekers.

The government has imposed the decision that Nepalis will no longer have to pay to search for jobs abroad and the company offering the job are paying all the expenses of the migrant worker. But companies like NAC and Rastriya Banijya Bank, to name a few semi government and government organizations, are charging fees to the tune of Rs. 700 to Rs. 1000 for applying for the jobs besides paying Rs. 100 for the application forms. These are the costs paid for searching job in Nepal.

If Nepali companies are raising that huge amount of money from its prospective candidates why can’t the foreign employers too raise the money from workers seeking jobs in Malaysia Saudi Arabia, UAE etc too.

If the government wants to implement its decision to stop charging workers seeking jobs abroad the government should also have to stop its semi or full organizations from taking any charge from the candidates applying for jobs.