It was 9 pm, when Raghav left his workplace. He took his car’s key and drove off for home. His eyes were weary from the extra chores at work and he wanted to reach his house, which was about an hour away from his office. After all, he was a young man in his late twenties; working harder, thriving for success yet seeking serene from life’s chaotic blues. He turned up some classical melodies in the car, as to an escape to relaxation.

It was dark outside with a few vehicles on the road, the shops and all the stores in the city; almost closed only with some drug stores still accessible. As he was driving, he saw a tall, huge man near the gas station waving at him, as if trying to ask him to stop the car for a lift. “Thank you for stopping, I wanted to get home but my car is giving me a hard time and there’s no place nearby to have it fixed, would you mind me for a lift? My house is just minutes ahead.” Said the man with his husky voice. “Yes sure sir, you can get in”. Raghav said after a thought.