The sticklers who matter

A stickler for details” is one who pays special attention to a developing situation/scenario before taking action. They like to have control over their lives so that it becomes rigid. Examples of such persons are — a literary figurehead revising a manuscript, a policy planner in a government think-tank, and a scientist preparing a text for publication.

A literary figure in the domain

of literature is pre-eminent in creative endeavors and is respected and revered. His output could be

meager but is imbued with a style and a flourish hard to beat. There could be, of course, detractors but these could be few in number.

A planner in a research institute tends to spend hours over dusty archives in a bid to come to a

conclusion. His task is to formulate polices and enact them.

His contribution to current thinking is invaluable as is his capacity for

taking painstaking attention to

details. Even the smallest of items does not go unnoticed and nothing short of being relieved from his responsibility will stop him.

The scientist in his study prepares materials for publication in a

noted journal. There is nothing like coming up with facts, figures and

findings before making them public. The scientific community acts as a bulwark and is a ready guide to anything he may choose to publish. His repertoire and skill is phenomenal and he is a tireless worker who likes to stay up far into the night.

These categories demonstrate their capacities to be worthy of a cause to serve the rest of humanity. They shun publicity and choose to live reclusive lives, even though their work thrusts them to the forefront of public notice.

Getting noticed is an ever present threat to their privacy and private lives. Leading a solitary existence within a close circle of colleagues and family is the norm and seldom do they step outside the limits. In short, they may develop eccentric manners in speech and behavior - a usual thing to happen even if they deny it.

Sticking to what is detailed and upbeat becomes their way of life — one to be given due recognition. And there is no period in their working life that is not given over to mulling over a chance remark, a curious incident or an indelible impression — if it falls within their line of work.