She looked really pretty among the girls and a few boys. We were there to celebrate a Saturday morning. A morning after rain, laughter of children under a Jacaranda tree and its floating smell, the combination was wonderful. The maroon coloured sun was uplifting the soul of everything. Green leaves, wet purple blue flowers, dew drops down on the grass, somersaulting children (one of them was me) and many more…was reflecting each and every colour. And the experience was like inhaling a real ecstasy. We were circling the tree with a hand curved in the stem, sliding on the bark…One was after another…that another after that one… with the chasing other…at the same time that other chasing that one. I realized today she was that beautiful, her waving hairs with Thai-cuts, her delighting expression (I really forgot what her facial appearance was and, yes, also details of her childhood friend). Today I saw a small girl and the pictures of that moment rolled in my head.... —