The virtue of honesty

Change is a constant process. With the passage of time everything goes on changing. We have experienced such changes in our day to day life. There have been drastic changes in our living style, eating habits and our thinking patterns.

However, there are certain things that remain unchanged. The intact and unchangeable thing is ethics or moral discipline we call honesty. Yes, honesty is one of the greatest virtues that we should adhere to in our life with the belief that it is an important aspect of human character. Deviating from the same causes harm to both the individual and society as a whole.

From childhood most parents teach their children to be kind, generous and honest. It is so because these are great human values. In the absence of such qualities individuals cannot make progress and family and social relations cannot flourish.

Honesty is interpreted in various ways. For some it is a philosophy while for others it is a religion. The word honesty denotes being trustworthy and loyal. Whatever the interpretation the prime objective behind observing honesty is selflessness and maintaining cordial relations in family and society. Thus, honesty is a great human virtue that plays vital roles in every aspect of human life.

The path of honesty is hard. One needs to have patience to reap benefit from it.  However, people these days seem to be choosing short-cut methods derived from greed and lust for which they become dishonest. Today unrest, suffering and miseries of families and society are mainly due to dishonesty. Tempted by instant results people tend to opt for wrong paths, but the same ultimately becomes a cause of sufferings.

All those who want to be happy and content should make honesty a principle of life and follow it thoroughly. An honest person is the one who corrects his /her mistakes. Only an honest person bears the ability for forgiveness.  An honest person can achieve anything he\\she desires. An honest member of family and society has much impact in public and private sphere.

Honesty is a discipline that enriches a person with purity whereas dishonesty is the outcome of polluted minds. So it is always better to choose purity over pollution and making living worthy. There is no other virtue that can replace this great human virtue. Honesty teaches a person to respect self and be genuine to others.