The whole ten years

The eagerly awaited announcement of the SLC results on Wednesday night is quite heartening with 46.51 students making through the so-called Iron Gate. According to the Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE), the pass percentage has shot up by an impressive 7.79 per cent compared with 38.72 per cent last year. Four thousand students have secured distinction while 41,983 have been placed in first, 53,777 in second and 4,894 in third divisions respectively. This year, too, the OCE has refrained from announcing the toppers’ names to discourage unfair competition among colleges to lure more students. Unhealthy competition among students has also been witnessed, some of which even resorted to questionable means to gain higher marks. The grading system, therefore, merits consideration.

Unfortunately, the political conflict and frequent bandhs have aggravated the already low standards of education in Nepal. One can still find schools where students have to go through security checks to enter the school premises just because a security base is located inside. After all, what can one expect from terrorised students? But given the changed political context, the call for declaring schools as ‘peace zone’ should now be given a very serious thought.

More importantly, malpractices like leaking of question papers and granting of grace marks to increase the pass percentage needs to be stopped.

Meanwhile, with better academic results the government’s responsibility redoubles to open up more employment avenues and opportunities to absorb the rising skilled and semi-skilled manpower within the country itself.