THT 10 years ago: Govt forms committee for reforming education sector

Kathmandu, June 6, 2006

Following a cabinet decision yesterday, the government today formed a 13-member Education Policy Suggestion Committee under the coordination of Education Minister Dr Mangal Siddi Manandhar.

The committee has officials of the Finance Ministry, National Planning Commission, the Local Development Ministry and other line ministries as its members.

Laba Prasad Tripathee, joint secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES), said the committee would provide suggestions to the ministry on reforms that should be carried out in the changed context and on amendments that should be made in educational policies.

Most of the educational programmes are in limbo as previous ordinances been scrapped after the cabinet decision on May 7.

The positions of vice-chancellors, rectors, registrars of universities and chairman of the University Grants’ Commission have been lying vacant due to the confusion over the King’s role in their appointment.

The MoES also formed a nine-member team today under the coordination of Laba Prasad Tripathee to hold dialogues for uplifting the quality of education, addressing teachers’ quota problem and making education accessible.

Inter-caste marriage gets family nod after 20 years

Forty-year-old Nirmaya Limbu shed tears of joy when she got reunited with her parents and other members of her family after 20 years.

“No member of my family expressed their concern till I gave birth to my sixth child,” said Nirmaya, adding, “I had thought that my relation with my family had ended forever.

However, my parents’ hearts melted eventually.” Nirmaya was out of contact with her family after she married Krishna Bahadur Danuwar 20 years ago. “My inter-caste marriage with a man from lower caste (Danuwar) kept me away from my family for two decades,” she said.

Niramaya, a resident of Kushal Chowk at Pathari, Morang, married Danuwar after they fell in love.

She has been staying at Jhagadtole of Vaudaha-9. She has five daughters and a son now. Her elder daughter has already got married. Krishna Bahadur’s family held a formal marriage ceremony five years after they eloped, said Nirmaya.

“My family accepted our marriage after so long.” She said, “I was informed that my father Ashishram called me in April. I could not believe it. I telephoned home and knew that the information was correct.

My happiness knew no bound.” “When my father saw me after a long gap, he scolded me saying that I eloped with a person of lower caste; I wept and realised that I had made a mistake,” said Nirmaya.